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Our Story

Anne Soares and her Black Labrador, Charlie

How it Started:

Each year, I make it a practice to do at least one thing that either challenges me or pushes me out of my comfort zone. After spending years writing as a Corporate Auditor, I decided to write a children’s book to challenge my writing skills and I quickly learned that writing for children is not easy. At All.
After starting “Chuck’s Journey Home”, I came across a video titled “Inspired to Act” on social media. The video was a recorded lecture given by the founder of a dog rescue telling the story of how she founded her organization. I was so moved by the story and I knew that my project was going to serve a much bigger purpose. That purpose is to help animals in need.
Since “Chuck’s Journey Home” was inspired by our black Labrador, Charlie’s adoption story, I decided to use it to help rescues raise much need funds and support their education efforts. Each time a book is sold, we donate to no-kill rescues and shelters. The best part is; because it is a children’s book, we’re able to also use Charlie’s story to teach children about pet adoption. The hope is to make a meaningful contribution to reducing the number of dogs who are euthanized in the future.
My mission is simple. Plant the seeds of pet adoption within the next generation while working with rescues today. Saving More Dogs. One Shelter. One Rescue. One Dog At A Time.

Chuck in the News

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